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carlton melton

smoke drip


clear vinyl lp

Released: 20th Jun 2012


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a ride through smoke-addled riffs that peaks & dips like the most tripped out journey, Carlton Melton take their organic psychjam to the highest plane, like comets on fire meeting barn owl.

in space... Recorded at their very own solar powered dome studio, these 2 sides of vinyl only goodness further the 'Melton's Magick Karpet ride. 'Smoke Drip' sounds much like you'd imagine, & 'Against The Wall'  hammers home their righteous blend of aural delight. fans of Bardo Pond, The Heads, Bong etc take note...On Clear vinyl wrapped in a sweet sleeve and an inner bag...

smoke drip


  1. adrift
  2. smoke drip
  3. against the wall