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ty segall band


in the red


Released: 20th Jun 2012


All of Segall’s usual psych-pop sensibilities are present but Slaughterhouse adds the fullthrottle, go-for-the-throat bombast that the band delivers in the live setting.

The Ty Segall Band is Ty Segall (obviously), Mikal Cronin, Charlie Moonheart & Emily Rose Epstein. this is the first record that segall has recorded with his touring band, they've turned their amps all the way up, set their fuzz pedals to obliterate & immediately set about kicking ass & taking names. Seriously, this record will melt your face. The fuzz riffs, bratty howl & Cro- Magnon bashing culminate with a feedback freakout that’s clearly the only sensible way to end a workout of this magnitude.