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Valley Tangents

Drag City


Released: 18th Jun 2012



Released: 18th Jun 2012


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david recommends: "owning their very own intuitive groove, the enigmatic duo strike up a strange ritual dance in a weed strewn city wasteground, somewhere around dawn, littered with discarded remnants of free-jazz, talk talk records, psych & improv".

a band that's nearly impossible to peg down, their shape-shifting qualities hint at a mystic lounge act, with spacey guitar leads, a clarion synth & the punch of real drums. 'valley tangents' incorporates a full spectrum of rock colours in a series of playful juxtapositions. 'Love's a Rondo' feels like a gentle fusion jam from the late '70s with a hint of unsettled edge, the keyboard & guitar working in a kind of serene swirl with the core melody & rhythm. In contrast, the synth fanfare of 'Iron Pigs', over brief bursts of noise & a quick stomp, suggests the Sabbath reference is very intentional, a thick, warm sounding guitar with piano & keyboards to steady, dark rhythms. these 2 songs really set the tone on an album that perfectly blends unusual instrumentation, with mesmerising qualities & a devotion to light-hearted jamming. definitely one for fans of moon duo & ak/dk.

Valley Tangents