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Silver Jews

Early Times

Drag City


Released: 18th Jun 2012



Released: 18th Jun 2012


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all the songs from the much-loved lo-fi indie rock trio's original eps 'dime map of the reef' & 'the arizona record' remastered.

back in print for the first time in a long while, these songs represent their raw, dynamic style perfectly. formed by writer/musician David Berman with his friends, Stephen Malkmus & drummer Bob Nastanovich, they started off recording songs on friend's answering machines & ended up riding (if reluctantly) the popularity of pavement to become a respected act in their own right. capturing the group's random, off-hand sense of humour & sunny, sprawling feel this set is essential for aficionados of slacker rock or those intrigued by  the unique energy emanating from the baby versions of berman, malkmus & nastanovich.

Early Times


  1. Canada
  2. The Walnut Falcon
  3. September 1999
  5. THE Unchained Melody
  6. Secret Knowledge Of
  7. Back Roads
  8. I Love The Rights
  9. Jackson Nightz
  10. The War In Apartment 1812
  11. West S
  12. You Can’t Trust It To Remain
  13. The Wild Palms
  14. Welcome To The House Of The Bats
  15. Bar Scene From Stars Wars