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king tubbys meets rockers uptown

get on down

3 x 10" boxset

Released: 27th Sep 2012


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perhaps the finest collaboration between 2 of instrumental reggae's leading lights: producer & melodica player Augustus Pablo & legendary dub pioneer King Tubby.

If you had to pick one album that best represents the pinnacle of the art of dub, Few would fault you for ending up with this one. Among other gems, this album offers its title track - a dub version of Jacob Miller's 'Baby I Love You So' - which is widely regarded as the finest example of dub ever recorded. But the rest of the album is hardly less impressive. Pablo's trademark "Far East" sound (characterised by minor keys & prominent melodica lines) is predominant throughout & is treated with care & grace by King Tubby, who has rarely sounded more inspired in his studio manipulations than he does here. Absolutely essential.

king tubbys meets rockers uptown


A1. Keep On Dubbing / A2. Stop Them Jah  

B1. Young Generation Dub  /  B2. Each One Dub 

C1. 555 Dub Street  / C2. Braces Tower Dub  

D1. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown  / D2. Corner Crew Dub

E1. Say So  / E2. Skanking Dub

F1. Frozen Dub / F2. Satta Dub