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Positive Force



Released: 9th Jul 2012


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rampant, joyous instrumentals, showcasing a signature command of melody & rowdy, screaming slide guitar prowess.

this new york composer has love from bands like yeasayer, ra ra riot, akron family & dirty projectors with his intriguingly constructed, fx laden compositions, wordless, but totally conveying a sense of glee &, indeed, a positive force. Hawaiian-tinged slide guitar lines tumble out over grooves that mix Caribbean & African influences with who knows what else. he melds these spiralling guitar melodies with vintage synthesisers & breakneck beats, contrasting with softer, psychedelic moments in a quirky yet instantly appealing way. like music you would never conceive as existing, but as soon as half of opener 'ramona reborn' elapses you know you need it in your life.

Positive Force


  1. Ramona Reborn
  2. Wally Wilder
  3. Two Lovers
  4. Big Time Receiver
  5. Touch
  6. Positive Force
  7. Love
  8. Redeemer
  9. Afria Talks To You
  10. Tallest Heights
  11. Luna