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WIAIWYA / Fortuna POP!


Released: 16th Jul 2012


LP + download

Released: 10th Jul 2012


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a fiercely idiosyncratic, visceral pop record bristling with urgency, melody, & danger, from feedback drenched squalls to bittersweet lushness.

"British Lo Fi indie has always had a fondness for a quirkily idiosyncratic take on punk but while Shrag are a lot less aggressive than Huggy Bear, not half as vitriolic as Help! She Can’t Swim yet tons more barbed than Bearsuit, they still share the shambolic charm of all 3" - line of best fit. “Brighton's boy-girl scuzzpoppers Shrag flash back to the heyday of such personages as Prolapse or Delta 5, bringing analytical attitude to the debased trade of pop & serving it up with bulldozing portions of raw guitar noise.” Uncut




  1. Tears of a Landlord
  2. Show Us Your Canines
  3. Chasing Consummations
  4. Tendons in the Night
  5. On the Spines of Old Cathedrals
  6. Devastating Bones
  7. You're the Shout
  8. That's Static!
  9. No More Memories
  10. Flinching at Forever
  11. Jane with Dumbbells