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take the kids off broadway


LP + download

Released: 23rd Jul 2012


a bedroom masterpiece & love letter to vinyl collections, like ariel pink's lo-fi pop refracted through a prism of psychedelic rock & roll.

foxygen is the bi-coastal songwriting duo of sam france & jonathan rado. leaping boldly between styles & ideas, the first track 'abandon my toys' gives you 2 seconds of electronic sound before acoustic instruments take over along with a vocal that sounds channelled in by a medium. 'why did i get married?' plays like a mournful lounge act until about the 2 minute mark, when it starts to crash into something else, & a gooey kind of ray davies vocal gives way to shouts & barks. "the sound of rock music’s golden era crumbling into a fondue pot of delicious musical ideas" - the needle drop.

take the kids off broadway


  1. Abandon My Toys
  2. Make It Known
  3. Take The Kids Off Broadway
  4. Waitin' 4 U
  5. Teenage Alien Blues
  6. Why Did I Get Married?
  7. Middle School Dance (Song For Richard Swift)