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I could live in hope


180g 2lp

Released: 4th Jul 2012


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no category can truly reveal the beauty & glory of Low's debut record, released in 1994.

Sad core? Not even close! 'I Could Live in Hope' is an incredibly joyous journey of spirit & songwriting sensibility. The record remains patient & sparse throughout (just guitar, bass, high hat, & snare, & angelic vocals by the husband & wife team of Alan Sparhawk & Mimi Parker), but succeeds beautifully. Low truly hold the gift of understatement. Produced by the legendary Kramer & now available on vinyl once again.

I could live in hope


  1. Words
  2. Fear
  3. Cut
  4. Slide
  5. Lazy
  6. Lullaby
  7. Sea
  8. Down
  9. Drag
  10. Rope
  11. Sunshine