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Grizzly Bear



heavyweight 180g 2lp

Released: 17th Sep 2012


a bold, textured masterpiece of dreamy, psychedelic & free-flowing unconventional song structures - immediately rewarding baroque pop anthems with stunning orchestral climaxes.

sitting somewhere between the understated majesty of 'yellow house' & the kaleidoscopic exuberance of 'veckatimest', 'shields' is a sheer delight. dreamy, psychedelic & a little more free-flowing & open than previous works (although undoubtedly no less considered), the band seem to have benefitted from their individual side projects (daniel rossen's ep & chris taylor's cant album) & now they are writing & recording in a more cohesive way than ever before. mind-blowingly beautiful! "they're getting more intriguing as they go on" 4/5 - guardian, "unforced engrossing, beautiful work...Stunning" - 8/10 - clash.


  1. Sleeping Ute
  2. Speak in Rounds
  3. Adelma
  4. Yet Again
  5. The Hunt
  6. A Simple Answer
  7. What’s Wrong
  8. Gun-Shy
  9. Half Gate
  10. Sun In Your Eyes