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Antony & The Johnsons

Cut The World

Rough Trade


Released: 6th Aug 2012


2lp + cd

Released: 6th Aug 2012


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a collection of live symphonic recordings from across hegarty & co's 4 studio albums, representing antony's continued meditation on light, nature & femininity.

recorded in 2011 in copenhagen with the danish national chamber orchestra with arrangements by nico muhly, rob moose, maxim moston & antony. the title track is brand new, a soaring & powerful ode to performance artist marina abramovic, with hegarty's voice sounding more powerful than ever, while the rest of the album features simply heart-stopping renditions of songs selected from the group's beautiful body of work, including 'you are my sister', 'swanlights' & 'the crying light', imbued with new meaing through the painstaking arrangements & instrumentation. "watch out, sky gods, antony has entered the lists" 4/5 - mojo.

Cut The World


  1. Cut The World
  2. Future Feminism
  3. Cripple And The Starfish
  4. You Are My Sister
  5. Swanlights
  6. Epilepsy Is Dancing
  7. Another World
  8. Kiss My Name
  9. I Fell In Love With A
  10. Dead Boy
  11. The Rapture
  12. The Crying Light
  13. Twilight