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in limbo



Released: 23rd Aug 2012


2lp + download

Released: 23rd Aug 2012


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a sound of languid, lo-fi psych pop, driven by airy keyboards & tribal drums behind their stunning, dreamy vocals.

a perfectly pitched album, letting languid, hazily melodic forms drift over the marvellously contrasting beats. 'sleep in noise' comes on like a neo-psychedelic tribal stomp with a spector-esque drive, while 'unable', an all but shapeless mass of organ swells & tremolo synths, provides a loose structure for their transcendent vocal acrobatics. the density & layers of the band’s morphing keyboards, driving synths & jungle drums let their finely arranged vocals sit gloriously on top.

in limbo


  1. Better
  2. Come Back
  3. Charlie
  4. Electric
  5. Huh
  6. In Limbo
  7. Sleep Is Noise
  8. Unable
  9. Why, Why, Why
  10. Roses And Wine
  11. Fire