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jj doom

key to the kuffs



Released: 20th Aug 2012


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2lp + download

Released: 13th Sep 2012


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the world’s tongue-twistiest mc, mf doom, wraps his enthralling, fast-paced rhymes around jneiro jarel’s shuffling fly lo-meets-dilla-meets-uk bass beats, to terrific effect.

the debut collaborative album from doom & jarel (aka dr who dat?) doesn't disappoint. heavy hip-hop production leans towards grime, dubstep & british techno behind mf doom's one-of-a-kind raw, grizzled flow. recorded while the rapper was 'banished' from the states & living in the uk, he references british culture in his fast-paced raps & all the carefully constructed skits, which bear that skewed doom humour from start to finish. it's great to hear a u.s. emcee showing a keen understanding of the quirks of his london birthplace, while jj's tough, far out beats will appeal to fans of j dilla, flying lotus & el-p. "a terrific collaboration between two of hip hop’s maverick talents" - bbc.

leo says : “the world’s tongue-twistiest mc wraps his enthralling, fast-paced rhymes around jarel’s shuffling flylo meets dilla meets uk bass beats.”


key to the kuffs


  1. Waterlogged
  2. Guv’nor
  3. Banished
  4. Bite The Thong feat. Damon Albarn
  5. Rhymin Slang
  6. Dawg Friendly
  7. Borin Convo
  8. Snatch That Dough
  9. GMO feat. Beth Gibbons
  10. Bout The Shoes feat. Boston Fielder
  11. Winter Blues
  12. Still Kaps feat. Khujo Goodie
  13. Retarded Fren
  14. Viberian Sun Part II
  15. Wash Your Hands