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laughing stock

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the band’s final album grows out of the speakers like vines in a garden - their obscure & beautiful parting shot.

following up on the abstract ‘spirit of eden’, which sufficiently alienated pop fans of the band’s earlier material, ‘laughing stock’ took spaces in recorded music to new extremes, with layers of silence breathing through strings, woodwinds, percussion & mark hollis’s delicate vocals. the record exists as one complete thought, albeit with jagged diversions & tangents. From the beginning, hollis & producer tim friese-greene aimed to create an album that completely enveloped the listener. during recording, microphones were placed at distances as far as 30 feet from the instruments they were recording & passages were captured with no clear intention as to where they would finally be placed. the full power of the music is as engrossing as it is oblique, like wrapping oneself in a blanket of thoughts. talk talk’s music is unapologetic in its obscureness, caressed in the gentle beauty of subtlety & warmth.

laughing stock