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Nathan Fake

Steam Days

Border Community


Released: 3rd Sep 2012


2lp + download

Released: 3rd Sep 2012


oscillates effortlessly between both ends of the electronic spectrum to unify both the soothing melodic indulgence & heavy dancefloor assault of Fake’s albums of yore.

Nostalgically immersing himself in his Norfolk heritage & the delicious analogue richness of his collection of vintage tape machines, ‘Steam Days’ is visceral. "perfectly poised between its wistful past & utopian future: plaintive drones evoke hazy childhood memories while the groan of shuffling machinery marches onward. In fact, almost every bleeding-edge beat on this record evokes its pre-digital past. In doing so it’s managed that rarest of feats, a techno record with a heart." - nme.

Steam Days


  1. Paean
  2. Cascade Airways
  3. Iceni Strings
  4. Old Light
  5. Harnser
  6. World Of Spectrum
  7. Rue
  8. Sad Vember
  9. Neketona
  10. Glow Hole
  11. Warble Epics