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I Bet On Sky

Play It Again Sam


Released: 17th Sep 2012


LP + download

Released: 17th Sep 2012


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the original dino trio continue their impeccable reformation with an alternately reflective & raucous record that is unmistakebly theirs.

J’s guitar playing approaches some of its most unhinged here - this is head-bobbing riff-romance at the apex. Lou’s basswork has oodles of melody, although his two songs on ‘I Bet On Sky’ retain the jagged rhythmic edge he is know for. Murph pounds the drums as hard as a pro wrestler, with deceptively simple structures that manage to interweave themselves perfectly with his bandmates’ melodic explosions."Yes, the usual Dinosaur elements are all present & correct: Lou’s distinctive bass style & Murph’s power drumming complementing J’s blistering guitar & lazy drawl." 4/5 - drowned in sound.


I Bet On Sky


  1. Don't Pretend You Didn't Know
  2. Watch The Corners
  3. Almost Fare
  4. Stick A Toe In
  5. Rude
  6. I Know It Oh So Well
  7. Pierce The Morning Rain
  8. What Was That
  9. Recognition
  10. See It On Your Side