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Meat And Bone



Released: 17th Sep 2012


deluxe lp with tip on sleeve

Released: 17th Sep 2012


12 prime cuts of raw rock 'n' roll find the visceral, grizzled blues mongers whipping their crown back from the black keys before discarding it in favour of another spin around a fiery riff.

it's been 7 years since their last, but it matters not. the hard-grafted dudes are back. "this is by far their raunchiest blues effort. 'Meat & Bone' is garage rock versus the blues in a prizefight with Jon Spencer presiding as the announcer over the top of the mayhem." 4/5 - the line of best fit. "when the band push the fringes of coherency, in the punk thrash of 'danger' & the hurtling 'boot cut', full of careering guitars of singular purpose & blurted expostulations, there's something indefinably thrilling about the blues explosions racket." 4/5 - uncut.


Meat And Bone


  1. Black Mold
  2. Bag Of Bones
  3. Boot Cut
  4. Get Your Pants Off
  5. Ice Cream Killer
  6. Strange Baby
  7. Bottle Baby
  8. Danger Black Thoughts Unclear Bear Trap Zimgar