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Ty Segall


Drag City


Released: 8th Oct 2012



Released: 8th Oct 2012


the segall juggernaut thunders on, his third full album this year is perhaps his best yet, an adrenaline explosion of fuzz fuelled garage.

following his psych-pop opus 'hair' with white fence & the full-on thrashy assault of 'slaughterhouse' (a collaborative effort as 'the ty segall band'), this album sees him return to writing & playing everything himself. he has fused together all the varied elements of recent releases, creating an album that's equal parts instant, languorous melody & skullcrushingly headbanging riffs. the likes of 'you're the doctor' & 'the hill' are probably some of the best songs he has yet written, as well as the most immediate.




  1. Thank God For Sinners
  2. You’re The Doctor
  3. Inside Your Heart
  4. The Hill
  5. Would You Be My Love
  6. Ghost
  7. They Told Me Too
  8. Love Fuzz
  9. Handglams
  10. Who Are You
  11. Gold On The Shore
  12. There Is No Tomorrow