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Scott Walker

bish bosch


cd + 36 page book

Released: 3rd Dec 2012


180g 2lp + cd + book

Released: 3rd Dec 2012


tauter but more colourful than ‘the drift’, with greater emphasis on processed, abrasive guitars, digital keyboards & thick silences, this is another challenging & fascinating experience.

a pounding beat arouses our attention from the outset, soon joined by scott's nightmarish croon & it's clear that we're in for another formidable listen that stretches & questions the boundaries of music. "It's still one giant leap into the unknown, with all the notions of genre once again gleefully sidestepped" 4/5 - mojo, "What's really amazing about Bish Bosch is that all of its myriad components are somehow pulled in to exist on the same insane planet" - filter.


bish bosch


  1. ‘See You Don’t Bump His Head’
  2. Corps De Blah
  3. Phrasing
  4. SDSS1416+13B (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)
  5. Epizootics!
  6. Dimple
  7. Tar
  8. Pilgrim
  9. The Day The “Conducator” Died