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tim hecker & daniel lopatin

instrumental tourist



Released: 19th Nov 2012


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2lp + cd

Released: 26th Nov 2012


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dream collaboration between the ambient drone master (hecker) & the synth-drone dreamer (daniel “oneohtrix” lopatin) – a buzzing, immersive escape into dystopian bliss.

'instrumental tourist' is the first release from the software label's sstudios (software studios series), inviting artists in the field of electronic music to create collaborative works of quality & vision. with a deliberate focus on source material of a synthetic & mimetic nature, hecker & lopatin designed a sound palette from the acoustic resonance of digitally-sourced 'instruments of the world', creating a masterful blend of cyclical, minimalist tones & swathes of haunted, icy melodies. "their warring improvisations are intriguing, unsettling & often exquisite" 4/5 - guardian.

instrumental tourist


  1. Uptown Psychedelia
  2. Scene From A French Zoo
  3. Vaccination (For Thomas Mann)
  4. Intrusions
  5. Whole Earth Tascam
  6. GRM Blue I
  7. GRM Blue II
  8. Racist Drone
  9. Grey Geisha
  10. Instrumental Tourist
  11. Ritual For Consumption
  12. Vaccination No.2