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the soundcarriers

boiling point

great pop supplement

ltd white 7"

Released: 8th Oct 2012


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the brand new single from the mighty SOUNDCARRIERS contains both an extra track “EFFR”, a sealed Soundcarriers turntable strobe pack & sleeve notes from Vic Templar (Shindig!) no less.

'Boiling Point' was captured in it’s raw, organic form. A quick-fire burst of motorik groove. Through playing the track live & purposely recording hot to tape The Soundcarriers hit us with their spiralling rhythms & the crack & bubble of organically distorted instrumentation. 'This is Normal' is born out of a locked-in rhythm section telepathically communicating through 4 strings & a beaten-up kit. Woven into that is the improvised playing of guest musicians Jesse & Miles rotating through a menagerie of keyboards, percussion & flutes. An instructional narration by Elijah Wood compliments this abstract groove which, quite rightly, requests the listener to relax. Do Not Resist.…This Is Normal.

boiling point


  1. boiling point
  2. eff.r
  3. this is normal