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The Beatles




Released: 9th Sep 2009


lp (stereo version)

Released: 12th Nov 2012


(1966) all the rules fell by the wayside with ‘revolver’, as the band began exploring new sonic territory, lyrical subjects & styles of composition.

it wasn’t just lennon & mccartney either - harrison staked out his own dark territory as deomnstrated on the tightly wound, cynical rocker ‘taxman’. his explorations were bold, yet they were eclipsed by lennon’s trippy kaleidoscopes of sound. his most straightforward number is ‘doctor robert’, an ode to his dealer & things just get stranger from there as he buries ‘& your bird can sing’ in a maze of multi-tracked guitars, gives ringo a charmingly hallucinogenic slice of childhood whimsy in ‘yellow submarine’ & then caps it off with a triptych of bad trips : the spiraling ‘she said she said’ ; the druggy ‘i'm only sleeping’ & ‘tomorrow never knows’. mccartney however tries on every pop style from chamber pop to soul & when placed alongside lennon's & harrison's outright experimentations, his songcraft becomes all the more impressive. daring sonic adventures & consistently stunning songcraft - the ultimate modern pop album.