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cobra juicy

the orchard


Released: 26th Nov 2012



Released: 26th Nov 2012


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pennsylvania freak collective drag into the forefront the melodic dance pop gems that were always buried deep under layers of psychotic day-glo.

songs like ‘hairspray heart’ & lead-off single ‘windshield smasher’ are characterised by huge beats, demonic buzzsaw synths, & crunchy guitars, moving away from the lo-fi kaleidoscopic haze of previous albums. tracks like ‘i think i'm evil’ or ‘gangs in the garden’ veer more toward the slinky melting-pot pop of beck or the spacey electro-bliss of air, while ‘psychotic love damage’ puts down the electro-clash leanings for a moment, dipping into a woozy indie folk crawl, with soft & summery electronics bubbling up under swampy slide guitar.

cobra juicy


  1. Windshield Smasher
  2. Like A Sundae
  3. Hairspray Heart
  4. Psychic Love Damage
  5. We Burn
  6. Gangs In The Garden
  7. The Healing Power Of Nothing
  8. I Think I’m Evil
  9. Dreamsicle Bomb
  10. Blurring My Day
  11. Spraypaint