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steve hauschildt




Released: 12th Nov 2012



Released: 19th Nov 2012


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emeralds man crafts dense & lush synthesised arrangements, conjuring a retro-futuristic soundscape for a time that never was.

built up from layers of vintage & modern keyboards, drum machines & effects units, this is a far more varied affair than his last lp 'tragedy & geometry', retaining the core ethos of kosmische meets minimalism in extended pieces, but incorporating more modern touches & androgynous, vocoded vocals. the majority is downbeat, but driven, atmospheric electronic jams that occasionally burst into technicolour & sound like some weird, martian take on human pop.



  1. Interconnected
  2. Accelerated Yearning
  3. Constant Reminders
  4. Sequitur
  5. Mixed Messages
  6. Vegas Mode
  7. Kep
  8. Steep Decline