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the constant

wah wah 45s


Released: 5th Nov 2012



Released: 5th Nov 2012


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eagerly anticipated 2nd album fuses direct & healing messages about today's world with progressive roots-inspired dub & a deep soulful sound.

with a tight, groove heavy style, & a satisfying emphasis on warm, engrossing basslines & the offshoot sounds of weird & wonderful dub effects, the constant pulse of the rhythm section allows the melodic side of the mix to fly off the wall without compromising the catchy effect of the rhythm. the amazing, lively rootsy vocals provide amazing hooks & personality to their spectacularly unique sound. "all the playful swagger of dual-frontwomen faye houston & kassia zermon transfers well from the live performance to the record" - shout4music.

the constant


  1. Family Familiar
  2. Soldier
  3. Star in My Sky
  4. Wandering
  5. Motion
  6. Try Again
  7. Vipers
  8. Surrender (dubplate vocal)
  9. Gold Getter (Album Version)
  10. Transmission
  11. B.A.S.I.C.
  12. Helicopter