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spiky dread - issue 1



Released: 19th Dec 2012



Released: 17th Dec 2012


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wrongtom & ed zed sift through a plethora of punk & post-punk oddities to pick their favourite approximations of punk, dub & reggae.

1st release from new label rongorongo focuses on the lesser known practitioners of punky reggae, with the odd iconic act snuck in for good measure. features “america’s greatest unknown band” the offs' 'cool down', dubbed-out liverpudlian dancehall from jah scouse, rasta hardcore punk from bad brains, acclaimed writer & punk professor vivien goldman's short-lived group chantage (with faders manned by dub experimentalist adrian sherwood), a certain ratio in their sir horatio guise & much more.

spiky dread - issue 1


  1. The Offs - Cool Down
  2. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee (Version)
  3. Family Fodder - Bass Adds Bass
  4. Chantage - Same Thing Twice
  5. Ruts DC - Pleasures Of The Dance
  6. Jah Scouse – Merge
  7. Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Trapper Aint Got A Bird
  8. Return Of The Panthers - Calling Captain Nemo
  9. Sir Horatio – Sommadub
  10. Red Beat - More Or Less Cut
  11. Dangerous Girls - Dangerous Girls
  12. Bad Brains - Stay Close To Me
  13. The Slits - Animal Space
  14. Electric Guitars – Work (CD ONLY)