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Blood Oaths of the New Blues

fire records


Released: 10th Jan 2013


LP + download

Released: 7th Jan 2013


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james jackson toth drops the volume & gets deeper in his own skull, twisting through barebones personal stories & conceptual americana head trips.

somewhere between the middle-class desperation of springsteen's 'nebraska', vic chestnutt's unmistakable sadness & the most hushed & confessional moments of neil young's 'zuma', 'blood oaths...' finds its niche. though it's more of a crushed lament than a freaked-out bad trip, the most honest sentiments are often the scariest parts of toth's songs. even in its hopeful segments, there's a spookiness that defines the album, as subliminal noise & evil-sounding voices low in the mix wander in & out of the songs.

Blood Oaths of the New Blues


  1. No Bed For Beatle Wand / Days This Long
  2. Outsider Blues
  3. Dome Community People (Are Good People)
  4. Dungeon Of Irons
  5. Supermoon (The Sounding Line)
  6. Southern Colorado Song
  7. Jhonn Balance
  8. No Debts