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Dutch Uncles

Out Of Touch, In The Wild

Memphis Industries


Released: 14th Jan 2013


coloured lp

Released: 16th Jan 2013


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labyrinthine pop of Escher-like complexity & crystal clarity - imagine a less proggy field music hooking up with hot chip & you'll get the gist of this superb record.

the manchester outfit's 3rd record is a refined version of Dutch Uncles doing what they do best - they are a group who pitched their tents firmly in pop’s leftfield with their debut & who have made huge leaps forward with their quirky electronic indiepop with each subsequent release. insanely catchy & utterly brilliant! "Coming from the generation of bookish Manchester bands striving to throw off Northern Indie’s boorish image, Dutch Uncles look set to graduate at the top of the class” – NME, “a refreshingly intellectual approach to merging guitar-based indiepop with electronic dance” - Independent, “Dissonant, xylophone-pocked electro-pop - sublime” - Sunday Times.

natasha recommends : "Tone of the most adventurous, inventive & clever bands around (& a real treat live), who make effervescent, off-kilter prog-pop of the highest order. brilliant & unconventionally structured earworms".

joe recommends : "Afrobeat influenced riffs converse with resonant eighties synths, stereolab-esque choruses, and barbershop vocals. Through to the last arpeggiation, Out of touch is a unique, glorious, gem of indie, art, prog, pop."

Out Of Touch, In The Wild


  1. Pondage
  2. Bellio
  3. Fester
  4. Godboy
  5. Threads
  6. Flexxin
  7. Zug Zwang
  8. Phaedra
  9. Nometo
  10. Brio