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That Golden Time

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A softly hewn yet gorgeously widescreen, folk-washed outing from Dinked alumni, Conor J O'Brien - 'That Golden Time' gleams with a suitably halcyon ...
  1. My Lighthouse
  2. Earthly Pleasure
  3. The Waves
  4. Judgement Call
  5. Nothing Arrived
  6. The Bell
  7. {Awayland}
  8. Passing A Message
  9. Grateful Song
  10. In A Newfound Land You Are Free
  11. Rhythm Composer



Domino Records
  • CD

    Released: 14th Jan 2013


an extraordinarily accomplished, vibrant, complex, imaginative & captivating record that demonstrates Conor J O’Brien & co were merely hinting at their capabilities on their Mercury nominated debut ‘Becoming A Jackal’.

'awayland' is a dazzling adventure coloured with conor's literary explorations that works equally well when floating in fleet foxes/turin brakes-esque intimate indie-folksiness as it does when their full glorious musical force can be felt & there's even the occasional inclusion of electronics this time to keep things fresh. 'passing a message''s jazziness nods to radiohead & the step up connor & co have made here feels on par with that yorke & co made from 'pablo honey' to 'the bends'. for fans of grizzly bear, elbow, the antlers & leisure society. "a far more magnificent progression from 'Jackal' than any of us could have hoped for" 9/10 - drowned in sound, "a rollercoasting voyage through acoustic soul, brass & electronica" 4/5 - guardian.