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Ulrich Schnauss

A Long Way To Fall

Scripted Realities


Released: 21st Jan 2013


2lp + cd

Released: 21st Jan 2013


respected german producer & dj mixes texturally rich shoegaze-y electronica with sublime ambience & contemporary beats.

'broken homes' is as fractured as the title would suggest, pinned together by cracked beats, ominous bass swells & lurching ambient passages coalesce to something intriguingly formless. 'like a ghost in your life's blissful, swaying melodies move along to a bollywood inspired rhythm while 'a forgotten birthday' ups the tempo for a shimmering, mellow take on drum & bass. 'the weight of darkening skies' gives way to a moodier, dystopian industrial feel, continuing on until the closing notes of the kraftwerk inspired future pop of 'a ritual in time & death'.

A Long Way To Fall