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stars of the lid

the ballasted orchestra


limited 2lp

Released: 14th Jan 2013


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vinyl reissue of the ambient duo's kranky debut, 8 floating gems with touches of industrial noise & movie soundtrack atmospherics.

no drums or clanging guitars here, just darkish, elegiac slabs of ethereal sound taking up 12 to 18 minutes a pop. the overall effect is both calming & provocative. for this reissue the original 4 track cassette recordings were remastered & the original artwork has been updated. as an added bonus, the double lp vinyl version has 9 additional minutes of material not on the cd. “whatʼs really compelling about this music is that it doesnʼt sound like it was played on instruments at all more like the result of contact miking a mutant lifeform” - wire.

the ballasted orchestra

  1. Central Texas
  2. Sun Drugs
  3. Down II
  4. Taphead
  5. F**ked Up (3:57 AM)
  6. Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 Part I
  7. Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 Part II
  8. The Artificial Pine Arch Song