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Edwyn Collins



cd + linocut numbered print (limited to 200)

Released: 25th Mar 2013


lp + cd + linocut numbered print (limited to 200)

Released: 25th Mar 2013



Released: 25th Mar 2013


lp + cd

Released: 25th Mar 2013


8th solo album from mr collins is steeped in the glorious sounds of the '60s with perfect vintage-pop gems from start to finish.

featuring 10 collins originals & a cover of rod mckuen's 'love's been good to me', collins' refined pop palette is in striking form throughout this set. the opening fanfare of 'dilemna's ennio moriccone horns leads to a song of rolling, dramatic, orchestral pop, edwin's baritone commanding all the authority of an early solo scott walker. 'carry on, carry on's rolling, funky bassline is the perfect backdrop for his soulful croon; the track could almost pass for a classic motown instrumental with its subtle doo-wop backing vocals, were it not for the wails of raucous lead guitar, while the closing cover is flooring in its wistful nostalgia, the tender arrangement reminiscent of johnny cash's american recordings. it's no surprise the album sounds so wonderfully played; its stellar cast of musicians includes barrie cadogan (primal scream), paul cook (the sex pistols) plus members of the pretenders & dexys. "a clear-voiced statement of pop intent" 4/5 - mojo "northern soul, rock'n'roll, a velvets pastiche - edwyn's back!" - uncut.



  1. Dilemna
  2. Baby Jean
  3. Carry On, Carry On
  4. 31 Years
  5. It’s A Reason
  6. Too Bad (That’s Sad)
  7. Down The Line
  8. Forsooth
  9. In The Now
  10. Understated
  11. Love’s Been Good To Me