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milo greene

milo greene



Released: 21st Jan 2013


debut from folksy californian soft rock dreamers is a languid, evocative exercise in harmony-infused pop.

much of the music here is centred around singer/multi-instrumentalist marlana sheetz, whose hushed, soulful voice brings to mind something along the lines of sarah mclachlan fronting fleetwood mac. in that sense, with milo greene's rambling, echoey mix of chiming guitar lines, roiling percussion, abundant piano, & group harmonies, they fit well next to such similarly inclined contemporaries as fleet foxes, local natives & grouplove. however the honest, organic feel of their songs & bittersweet yet uplifting drive marks their uniqueness as a collective.

milo greene


  1. What’s The Matter
  2. Orpheus
  3. Don’t You Give Up On Me
  4. Perfectly Aligned
  5. Silent Way
  6. 1957
  7. Wooden Antlers
  8. Take A Step
  9. Moddison
  10. Cutty Love
  11. Son My Son
  12. Polaroid
  13. Autumn Tree