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double denim


Released: 4th Feb 2013



Released: 4th Feb 2013


the intelligent, inventive electronic pop of 'no thrills' is testament to the fun joe flory had rediscovering his muse.

from the squeaking saxophone that proceeds the gorgeous, lilting melodies in 'too much' (featuring nick hunt of outfit on guitar) to the bouncy, cartoon pop of 'pleased', flory comes across like something of an elusive polymath. in its darker patches the recordings sound something like hot chip remixing robert wyatt, but even the record's most depressed moment 'get down' sounds like it takes place on a fairground ride, a testament to flory's lifelong fascination with pop forms. a few friends helped out too, including chilly gonzales, who appears on 'ready for the good life'.



  1. Ready for the Good Life
  2. Too Much
  3. Villas
  4. The Wave
  5. Pleased
  6. In Time
  7. Walk in Three
  8. Be Happy
  9. Get Down
  10. No Thrills