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Released: 18th Feb 2013



Released: 18th Feb 2013


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sydney-based producer's distinctive post-modern r&b sounds unite the affections of the xx, four tet & totally enormous extinct dinosaurs.

starting with the sparse rave stabs, pitched vocals & stripped back rhythms of 'sintra', the glossy sound of this opener is a confirmation of what to expect from flume's sound. the loose, slo-mo swagger of his beats brings to mind the more hip-hop rooted experiments of brainfeeder's lapalux, but the pop sheen is more apparent, especially when working with soulful vocals from collaborators like chet faker, jezzabell doran & george maple. skewed r&b for both forward thinking dancefloors & bedroom-pop-dreamers. "proves that potential mass appeal need not come at the expense of creative flair" - bbc.



  1. Sintra
  2. Holdin On
  3. Left Alone feat. Chet Faker
  4. Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran
  5. On Top feat. T.Shirt
  6. Stay Close
  7. Insane feat. Moon Holiday
  8. Change
  9. Ezra
  10. More Than You Thought
  11. Space Cadet
  12. Bring you Down feat. George Maple
  13. Warm Thoughts
  14. What You Need
  15. Star Eyes