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Pissed Jeans




Released: 25th Feb 2013


lp + download

Released: 25th Feb 2013


the foursome continue to compellingly vent blue collar frustration through their bludgeoning, noisy, grunge-punk sound.

4 full-lengths haven’t mellowed pissed jeans - they can still unleash a blare that will exfoliate your cochlea. ‘honeys’ stews on the kind of mundane, niggling things that keep you up late at night, an ode to the misery & shackles of being a responsible adult, & the shame of one’s own narcissism. that's if you can penetrate the meaning through the dizzying guitar noise, relentless punk energy, brutal, guttural vocals & disorienting aura of violence & visceral sounds that these stalwarts of angst relentlessly pummel into your skull.

daniel recommends : "more brilliantly sludgy, chaotic noise punk, tracks like 'cafeteria food' & 'health plan' are a furious concentrate of dead end job disillusionment".



  1. Bathroom Laughter
  2. Chain Worker
  3. Romanticize Me
  4. Vain In Costume
  5. You're Different (In Person)
  6. Cafeteria Food
  7. Something About Mrs.Johnson
  8. Male Gaze
  9. Cathouse
  10. Loubs
  11. Health Plan
  12. Teenage Adult