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the self help group

not waving, but drowning

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Released: 11th Feb 2013


A harmony drenched blend of folk & americana - brighton's Self Help Group channel the vibe & sound of 60's/70’s Laurel Canyon whilst bringing a real love of folk & country to the party.

It all adds up to a lush modern & unique sounding album full of emotion. each song is inspired by unusual news stories they have found - Recurring themes of death & tragedy are delivered with a surprising warmth, beauty & humour through the voices of songwriters Mark Bruce & sisters Clara Wood-Keeley & Sarah Natalie Wood. these tales of irony & circumstance make ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’ a truly absorbing & compelling listen with lush orchestration & wonderful musicianship throughout. "Absolutely wonderful" - Bob Harris.

not waving, but drowning


  1. Needles
  2. Murmuration
  3. The Rapture
  4. Prisoner
  5. Kings
  6. Jerome & Irving
  7. Fifth Man On The Moon
  8. Brother
  9. Big Nose George
  10. The Bus
  11. Sand
  12. Uniontown