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Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell



Released: 18th Feb 2013


ultra limited 2lp + download

Released: 18th Feb 2013


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human orchestra & musical chameleon draws from the rich vein of cameo, george clinton, new jack swing & prince for his own take on electro-funk, soul & r&b.

gone are the collaborators & gentle pastoral sounds of old - this self-titled record is pure jamie through & through. lidell's hyper-modern aesthetic is, paradoxically, steeped in the sounds of the '80s, lending a nostalgic feel to his soulful, sexed up funk. built on glistening p-funk synth lines, bubbling bass & slick layers of electronic percussion grooves, this is hyperactive pop for lovers & dreamers in the 21st century. "a record mixed on the same gear as paula abdul’s 1989 hit 'opposites attract'" - bbc  "the innovator is allowed to take control, filtering the more recent funk & soul through the high spec electronica & twisted, effected vocals" 8.5/10 - the 405.

Jamie Lidell


  1. I'm Selfish
  2. Big Love
  3. What A Shame
  4. Do Yourself A Faver
  5. You Naked
  6. why_ya_why
  7. Blaming Something
  8. You Know My Name
  9. So Cold
  10. Don't You Love Me
  11. In Your Mind