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musik von harmonia



Released: 18th Dec 2015



Released: 18th Dec 2015


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reissue of the neu/cluster supergroup's 1974 debut; although they released just 2 albums, they were very influential & perfectly embodied the krautrock ideal.

called “the world’s most important rock group” by brian eno, the legendary minimalist avant-garde band harmonia was formed in the early '70s by michael rother (of neu!), hans-joachim roedelius & dieter moebius (both of cluster). while leaning slightly towards cluster’s more ambient sound, they were also entirely their own entity, a jet engine running clean & precise but also spouting asphyxiating aural exhaust.

musik von harmonia


  1. Watussi
  2. Sehr Kosmisch
  3. Sonnenschei
  4. Dino
  5. Ohrwurm
  6. Ahoi!
  7. Veterano
  8. Hausmusik