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Released: 22nd Apr 2013


this 2002 album moved away from the alt-country sound, creating the effect of an arty lounge singer, with the deft piano, rich vibes & science fiction-like guitar effects.

there's still a touch of the countrypolitan to the subdued songs & languorous tempos, but kurt wagner sounds something like an alternate-universe randy newman, not nearly as concise or direct in his imagery, but possessed of similar weary, reflective americana. by focusing less on quotidian experiences of the proletariat & more on less-tangible allusions to death, troubled romance, & loneliness, wagner's music simply became more approachable & meaningful. the sound was much more consistent from cut to cut than it had been on past lambchop albums, with enough inventive tinges of soul & jazz to leaven the super-sombre after-hours ethos. "another mature masterpiece from america's finest" 5/5 – uncut "a record that urges you to lean closer to the speakers in order to fully hear everything that is being played & sung – wire.



  1. The Daily Growl
  2. The New Cob Web Summer
  3. My Blue Wave
  4. I Can Hardly Spell My Name
  5. Autumn's Vicar
  6. Flick
  7. Caterpillar
  8. D Scott Parsley
  9. Bugs
  10. The Old Matchbook Trick
  11. Is A Woman