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my bloody valentine




Released: 26th Feb 2013


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180g lp

Released: 11th Mar 2013


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reaffirms the veteran shoegazers are one of a kind; the subtlety to their melodies, instrumentation & the way they blur together belongs to them alone.

'm b v's production is surprisingly direct & intimate, at times almost insular compared to the panoramas of 'loveless'. ‘who sees you’ & ‘if i am’ churn & hover, full of cloudy vocals & lingering guitars, while ‘she found now’ recalls ‘sometimes’ from 'loveless' in its whispery bliss. ‘is this & yes’ jettisons guitars in favour of organ & brass that evoke stereolab's regal serenity. shields & co spend much of the album avoiding the rhythmic heft that made their previous music equally lush & propulsive. instead, they save ‘m b v's loudest & most daring moments for last. the tones of ‘in another way’ approach free jazz in their dense clusters, while ‘nothing is’ rides a pummelling riff & huge drums. ‘wonder 2’ makes the jet engine comparisons to their music more literal than ever before, with rapid-fire beats & streaking sonics that suggest the song is being shot into space.



  1. she found now
  2. only tomorrow
  3. who sees you
  4. is this and yes
  5. if i am
  6. new you
  7. in another way
  8. nothing is
  9. wonder 2