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Black Pus

All My Relations

thrill jockey


Released: 18th Mar 2013


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Released: 18th Mar 2013


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Solo project of Brian Chippendale, drummer of noise rock titans Lightning Bolt, brings the pop element to the fore whilst still sticking to his tinnitus-inducing noise rock roots.

Created with the simple elements of drums, vocals, & an oscillator triggered by the kick drum, looping & repeating phrases & rhythms in a way that can only be called meditative, his trademark furious drumming style is ever present & instantly recognisable, but a pop sensibility is very much present. it’s the sound of wild abandon that is both aggressive & inviting. “playful & mean, catchy but corrosive” – Pitchfork, “The abstract wall of sound instigates both moshing & the sort of transcendent elation achieved only with frightening volume levels” - The Believer.

All My Relations


  1. Marauder
  2. Fly On The Wall
  3. 1000 Years
  4. Word On The Street
  5. All Out Of Sorts
  6. Hear No Evil
  7. Nowhere To Run
  8. A Better Man