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in love



Released: 25th Mar 2013


deluxe cd - with 4 extra tracks

Released: 25th Mar 2013


lp + download

Released: 1st Apr 2013


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a dynamic debut that clearly demonstrates Peace’s ability to take their influences & process them through their forward-thinking musical mentality.

Produced by Jim Abiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele), they take the swagger of early oasis & other early 90s indie / britpop, the bounce of the happy mondays & their baggy friends, 'wish'-era the cure & spin them all into something remarkably fresh & exciting. Peace prove that heads-down hard work, raw songwriting talent & bags of self-belief makes for a debut to be proud of – a debut that no doubt many will fall head over heels for. "just irresistible...Peace's collective strength is in [the] combination of bold guitar & earworm choruses that pepper every track" - bbc.

in love


  1. Higher Than The Sun
  2. Follow Baby
  3. Lovesick
  4. Float Forever
  5. Wraith
  6. Drain (deluxe cd only)
  7. Delicious
  8. Waste of Paint
  9. Step a Lil Closer (deluxe cd only)
  10. Toxic
  11. Sugarstone
  12. California Daze
  13. Scumbag (deluxe cd only)
  14. Bloodshake (deluxe cd only)