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crawling up the stairs



Released: 13th May 2013


limited coloured lp

Released: 10th Jun 2013

£15.99 £9.99

the 2nd LP from Austin, Texas' Pure X who stay true to the dense sound they explored on their last album, 'Pleasure', but add twinkling atmospherics & a new clarity to their carefully cultivated, emotionally heavy songs.

Where 'Pleasure' was built on syrup-slow hooks & a weighty, sexy haze, 'Crawling Up The Stairs' is the sound of Pure X emerging from that humid cocoon to stare all the screwed up parts of life directly in the face & embrace them. When Grace's voice, cracked & worn, breaks through a fog of downtempo drums & misty guitar on 'Someone Else', the pain that used to be visible in his face when he was on stage is pushed to the forefront of their sound, his voice growling & moaning with barely contained anger & apocalyptic worry in anguished falsetto.


crawling up the stairs


  1. Crawling up the Stairs
  2. Someone Else
  3. Written in the Slime
  4. I Fear What I Feel
  5. Things in my Head
  6. Shadows and Lies
  7. I Come from Nowhere
  8. Never Alone
  9. How Did You Find Me?
  10. Thousand Year Old Child
  11. Rain at Dawn
  12. All of the Future (All of the Past)