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charli xcx

true romance



Released: 15th Apr 2013


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mixes influences & inspirations as diverse as the spice girls, kate bush, lil wayne, quentin tarantino & twin peaks into moody-yet-catchy synth-pop described as 'neon goth'.

to achieve her intricate, post-modern pop with its evocative titles like ‘nuclear seasons’, ‘stay away’ & 'you (ha ha ha)' she is a lightning rod, pulling influences out of the sky & channelling them into the crunchy beats, fuzzy synths, bittersweet melodies & idiosyncratic perspectives that combine in the absorbing multi-media output of this compelling new artist. charli’s world view is splashed in vivid colours across her artwork & personal style, which she describes as ‘wednesday addams meets winona ryder in beetlejuice meets baby spice’. "a highly cultivated showcase" 8.5/10 - the line of best fit.

true romance


  1. Nuclear Seasons
  2. You (Ha Ha Ha)
  3. Take My Hand
  4. Stay Away
  5. Set Me Free
  6. Grins
  7. So Far Away
  8. Cloud Aura
  9. What I Like
  10. Black Roses
  11. You’re The One
  12. How Can I
  13. Lock You Up