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JUNIP (jose gonzalez)




Released: 22nd Apr 2013


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Released: 6th May 2013


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expands jose's stylistic palette yet again with juxtapositions of rock, electronica & even jazz; the intimate beauty of the music often contrasting with a dark melancholia.

more eclectic & redemptive broadcasts from jose gonzalez & the band he fronts alongside drummer elias araya & keyboardist tobias winterkorn. the song ‘villain’ proved to be a breakthrough of sorts for them, with a tribal garage-rock stomp, fuzzed-out analogue bassline & electro-pop synths contrasted by a spooky, subtly sinister vocal. infectious album opener ‘line of fire’ layers beatlesque melody on top of a hypnotic groove that splits the difference between flamenco syncopation & krautrock repetition, gonzalez’s heartfelt vocal cresting with emotion as the track builds towards a symphonic climax. ‘baton’ also introduces gonzález’s infectious newfound whistling technique, where he creates hooks literally out of thin air. ‘your call,’ meanwhile, proves a total departure – a synthesised pop-disco confection suggesting the union of hot chip & human league, its infectious drum-machine handclaps & exuberant singsong chorus belying a wistful sentiment.



  1. Line Of Fire
  2. Suddenly
  3. So Clear
  4. Your Life Your Call
  5. Villain
  6. Walking Lightly
  7. Head First
  8. Baton
  9. Beginnings
  10. After All Is Said And Done