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luv luv luv


Released: 25th Jul 2013


lp + bonus 10"

Released: 2nd Aug 2013


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Twisting breezy, sugar-coated riffs around singer Sasha Carlson’s daydreams of lazy days & better times, the london 4-piece's debut is as idyllic & paradisiacal as it is heavy-hearted & forlorn, with unrivalled powers of simultaneous intoxication & dejection.

like a poppier take on the pixies or ride, They bring together effects-laden, antipodean-psych guitar riffs (a la tame impala) with a minimalist sense of simplicity that leaves space for the reverbed vocals to swirl about the copious amounts of fuzz & distortion. Unafraid to experiment with their sound, Splashh use synths & an array of effects not only on the bouncing guitars of 'Vacation' but also heavily on the delayed vocals of the fuzz-rock of 'Washed Up' or the Brit-pop influenced 'So Young'. "they've managed to capture all the energy & excitement of one of their shows into an aural adrenaline rush...a truly remarkable feat" 8/10 - drowned in sound.



  1. Headspins
  2. All I Wanna Do
  3. Need It
  4. Vacation
  5. So Young
  6. Lemonade
  7. Feels Like You
  8. Green & Blue
  9. Strange Fruit
  10. Lost Your Cool

bonus 10"

  1. Washed Up
  2. Re-hash
  3. Sun Kissed Bliss
  4. Something's here