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These New Puritans

Field of Reeds



Released: 10th Jun 2013


deluxe gatefold 2lp - with etching

Released: 10th Jun 2013


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after the mind-blowing inventiveness of 2010's masterpiece 'hidden', their 3rd album marks a sonic deviation for the band by delving into emotive orchestral experimentalism, representing another uncompromising shift from a band without peer.

It’s a dark, contemplative & experimental orchestral work that reflects the band’s love of Bach, Britten & Stephen Sondheim & with the help of many renowned musicians, they create an incredibly distinct soundscape. this record's power is in how understated, minimal & slow-burning it is & as such, fans of the knife's avant-garde approach or liars' ambitious art-rock will find much to love here. "a chorus-less, cinematic behemouth" - the fly, "solid rhythms splinter & abstract arrangements coalesce & crescendo" 4/5 - guardian.  

***The CD includes gatefold format artwork that folds out to show aerial imagery of the band, a 12-page booklet, embossed and spot varnished finishes, lyrics, scanned musical-working drawings and sketches.***

***The LP features two 33⅓ rpm LPs, three sides of which are playable; the fourth side contains an etching. The vinyl comes with polythene lined paper record sleeves, two 11½ inch square inserts, which contain lyrics and artwork, and embossed and spot varnished finishes.***

Field of Reeds


  1. This Guy’s In Love With You
  2. Fragment 2
  3. The Light In Your Name
  4. V (Island Song)
  5. Spiral
  6. Organ Eternal
  7. Nothing Else
  8. Dream
  9. Field Of Reeds