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june gloom



Released: 3rd Jun 2013


2lp + cd

Released: 3rd Jun 2013


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gilded melodies & slacker anthems resonate emotion in both the stillness of their most spare compositions & their new, fuller rock sound.

‘june gloom’ not only marks a sonic step forward, but lyrically the duo broaden the themes of their previous work. the carefree, sunshine pop of ‘in your car’ evokes endless summer days, there’s a sense of expectation versus reality in the happy-sad swing of ‘catch up’, while the blissed out ‘dream machines’—one of the album’s standout tracks—was inspired by a recurring dream. the band’s boldest stroke is also the album’s finale. ‘close your eyes’ weds the pared back yet up front aesthetic of ‘lights’ out to the distorted fuzz & commanding drums their new configuration allows.

june gloom


  1. Golden Light
  2. Swapping Spit
  3. In Your Car
  4. Dream Machines
  5. Call and I'll Come
  6. Teradactol
  7. Pristine
  8. Pillow
  9. Catch Up
  10. Little Dipper
  11. PG
  12. Close Your Eyes