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Kanye West


emi virgin


Released: 19th Jun 2013


this aggro-industrial earthquake with booming bass & minimal synths balances groundbreaking hip-hop lyrics with an undeniable punk spirit.

this angry, cathartic, & concise album & its unconventional road to release seems like a personal quest for the next provocative, headline-making, & unforgettable fix. with equally brash & banging productions from the likes of daft punk, hudson mohawke, skrillex & evian christ, it’s as if west spent the last year listening exclusively to death grips & chief keef & all the political, social, & musical contradictions became his muse. an eccentric, audacious & gripping experience that's vital & truly unlike anything else. “yeezus is the panicked sound of that ensuing free-fall, a rush of angst & despair with absolutely nothing left to lose” 9.5/10 – pitchfork.